After a misdiagnosis of a fatal disease at the age of 11, Charlene found a need to deepen her understanding of the human body and planned to dedicate her life to healing herself and others. Charlene graduated with her BS in Nursing and Reiki Certification Level 1 from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011.

Spending most of her childhood moving from state to state in the south, she became enthralled with the snowy winters and mild summers she found during her college years and following graduation she decided to relocate to New Hartford, NY. This cave filled land allowed her love for geology, nature, and underground exploration to grow and she began to establish a home in the area. With a background in dance, fitness, sports, and healing, when Charlene discovered yoga in 2016 she felt she was able to combine all of her passions through this practice of connecting body and breath through a moving meditation. Charlene received her 200 hour yoga training through Driftwood Yoga in 2018 and is excited to help others embrace their inner strength and experience the deep healing of this practice.