Meet yourself here. Teacher training at In Bloom Yoga merges timeless, classical knowledge with modern, relevant content. You’ll dive deep in the philosophy, mythology and systems of yoga while learning to hone and refine your voice as a teacher, leader and mentor. Whether you want to teach, or simply deepen your practice, you’ll be met with a community that supports your deepest goals, and a seasoned, expert teaching staff that vows to see you to completion.



200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Welcome to the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at In Bloom Yoga!  We’re excited to be bringing this group together to share the teachings we so deeply love that have become an integral part of our lives and Yoga Alliance Certified. Our mission is to provide quality instruction to deepen the knowledge, and skill of students who wish to share their practice

Whether your goal is to teach or simply uncover new depths in your practice, In Bloom Yoga’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is both a first-rate professional training program and powerful personal development course. Welcome to the first step in discovering the deep sense of purpose that unfolds from leading others.

Our 200-Hour Curriculum uniquely blends the history and philosophical teachings of yoga with the essential components of asana, anatomy and sequencing. While the curriculum is stacked for an immersive learning experience, the delivery is hands-on and personalized, encouraging a well-rounded approach to developing both your personal practice and your teaching skills.

In Bloom’s instructors are expertly trained, impassioned educators who make yoga peaceful & inclusive for everybody.

No matter which instructor you have at In Bloom you’ll be alongside an industry-leading yoga instructor who’s ready to simplify your learning process. Each member of team has hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of training, and you’ll be led by and learn from their immense expertise.

In Bloom’s Lead Trainer(s) are well-studied in all of the topics covered in the 200-Hour training and have the skills to structure, organize and teach you how to teach others. Think of your trainer as your personal coach, guiding you through every detail as it unfolds, so you can train with confidence and ease. Namaste!

200 hour YTT Weekend Immersion program is scheduled to  begin in March 2021 Saturdays and Sundays and last for 8 months.

300 HR Yoga Teacher Training

In Bloom Yoga’s 300 HR YTT builds on the foundation of a 200 hour yoga teacher training by going deeper into the practice of yoga, both in the classroom and as a living practice in our lives.

  • Advanced Asana Study: Learn how to teach advanced yoga poses, including teaching cues, modifications, injury considerations directions and demonstrations for each.
  • Advanced Study of The Ancient Texts: Go in depth in the revered and inspiring ancient
    Bhagavad Gita book. Discover this book’s ancient wisdom and how its teachings relate to modern day life.
  • Yoga Ethics: An important look into how ethics factor into your success as a yoga teacher and how to incorporate the principals of yoga and 8 Limbs of Yoga into your classroom.
  • Understanding Different Styles: Understand stylistic and structural differences between
    different genres of yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Hot, and Kundalini.
  • Working with Injuries: Explore in depth how to modify and prevent injuries across different areas of the body such as the hips, knees, back, shoulders, wrists and neck.
  • Tension; Compression: Learn to identify tension or compression in students to help provide safer guidance to experienced students working through different asanas.
  • Advanced Teaching Techniques: Learn advanced teaching techniques to help master your classroom. Learn how to teach to beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students. Discover different learning styles and how to cater your classes to each.
  • Advanced Philosophy: Explore the ancient philosophical principals of the Yoga Sutras. Learn how to apply these principles to your own life and how to teach them to students.
  • Advanced Class Themes: Learn about principles related to advanced class themes and how to create inspiring theme-based classes.
  • Meditation Techniques: Discover different guided meditation techniques including Kindness, Walking, Gazing, Mindfulness, etc.
  • Advanced Pranayama: Learn advanced Pranayama techniques to better understand this
    practice can be incorporated your classes and your personal practice.
  • Seva &  Being In Service: Discover the importance of Seva and how to be in service through your teachings. As apart of the program, all of our graduates get the opportunity to be in service through a Seva teaching assignment in their own communities.
  • Teaching Inspiring: Creative Classes: Learn how to develop and teach inspiring and creative classes to uplift your students.
  • Advanced Alignment; Sequencing: Understand advanced alignment and sequencing as well as the language that’s used to communicate this important part of the asanas.
  • Personal Development: Understand how personal development can help you succeed as a yoga teacher. Learn about goal setting, creative visualization, and how to have a more positive mindset.
  • Yoga for Special Groups: Learn introductory principles for yoga catered to special groups such as prenatal yoga, yoga for children, and senior chair yoga.

Completion of a Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour YTT.

300 hour YTT Weekend Immersion is scheduled to begin November 2020.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

During this immersive weekend training you’ll learn how to teach Pretzel Kids yoga classes and have the opportunity to start a Pretzel Kids yoga business in your community – using our proven teaching methodology. You will learn:


  • How to Bring Yoga into School Settings

  • Yoga Activities, Themes and Games

  • Specific Meditation and Pranayama Techniques for Children

  • How to Control and Facilitate a Class in a Safe, Non-Competitive Way

  • How to Market Yourself and Promote Your Classes in Your Community

  • No Prerequisite Required.

  • Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Training earns 15 Credit Hours with Yoga Alliance.